No Amount is too Small

No amount is too small.

On a recent visit to check-in with one of the families we serve, we heard a story about their son Abdulrahman. Abdulrahman became sick when his mother could no longer afford infant formula and resorted to the much cheaper powder-milk intended for adults. When Abdulrahman became sick with an infection in his stomach, the doctor told his mother it was caused by the powder-milk she had been feeding him. When we asked Abdulrahman’s mother how much it would cost her to buy the more-expensive infant formula, she told us it was $15 per month. $15 that meant her son would be free from infection. $15 that meant her son would get the essential nutrients he needs to grow healthy and strong. $15 she desperately wanted to be able to spend on her son. But it was $15 she couldn’t afford.

As we were listening to Abdulrahman’s mom tell us this story, all I could think about was one of the most common things I hear from people who want to support our work in Iraq: “The amount I can give is too small to make a difference. I could only give $5/$10/$15 dollars per month.”

No amount is too small.

I’m writing on this subject because in the past I often felt that what I was able to offer was so much less than what was needed, so much less than what others were capable of giving, and so much less than what I wanted to be able to give. On several occasions, I let this hold me back from giving to organizations I wholeheartedly supported. I was moved with compassion for the cause and I wanted to contribute in a meaningful way, but what was my $15 going to accomplish when millions of dollars were needed? How was my $15 going to get the organization any closer to their financial goal? Would my $15 even make a difference? I’ve heard many people ask the same questions and express the same feelings. So often, when we hold our offering up next to the magnitude of suffering and need in this world it feels woefully insufficient.

But what if I told you that it’s not? What if I told you that it’s more than enough? What if I told you that the $5/$10/$15 you can offer each week, each month, each year is enough to protect a baby like Abdulrahman from infection, enough to send a child, like Abdulrahman’s sister Miriam, back to school, enough to see a nation, yes even a nation like Iraq, changed because of a generation that was filled with hope and given the opportunities and resources needed to thrive?

No amount it too small.

Let’s partner together and see a nation and generation changed, $15 at a time.

Jessica Binzoni, Founder and Executive Director

Jessica Binzoni