We’re Sending Syrian and Iraqi Children
Back to School


After enduring war, violence, and displacement, half of displaced Syrian and Iraqi children will not be able to attend school this year. We want to change that.


“These children have had their future stolen twice; once when they fled the war and again when they are denied the right to learn.”

- Helle Thorning-Schmidt, CEO of Save the Children

Back-to-School Costs



Displaced Syrian and Iraqi children are required to attend schools specifically designated for displaced children based upon their native language. Unfortunately, these schools are often far away from the displaced community and children must take a bus or a taxi in order to attend school. Their parents, who are already unable to pay most daily expenses, are not able to pay the cost of transportation. As a result, many displaced Syrian and Iraqi children do not attend school.

School Uniforms

All children in Northern Iraq are required to wear uniforms to school. Therefore, parents must purchase a new uniform for each growing child every year. A child will not be allowed to attend school without wearing a uniform. However, the cost of the uniform is much more than the cost of ordinary clothes. Many parents cannot afford the cost of new uniforms for each child every year.



School Supplies

Displaced Syrian and Iraqi children are responsible for providing their own school supplies, such as backpacks, notebooks, pencils, and erasers. Many parents of displaced Syrian and Iraqi children are unable to pay for the cost of school supplies for each child. If the children cannot provide their own school supplies, they will not be able to attend school.

How You Can Help